Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to hear FAQs about an Organized Crime Ring that extends worldwide having high level members right here in Utah and linked to the most powerful people in the popular Mormon town of Salt Lake City, Park City, Ogden, Duchesne, ST. George and many more towns in Utah.

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Probably going to be a bit shocking to learn of what these people are up to and the crimes they have been committing and getting away with for years now, Corruption and the Democrat Revolutionary New World Order, Treason are just a few topics we will be discussing, also, what your likely going to be facing sooner than you think. Thanks to our elite CIA, FBI, DOD, DOJ, HLS, NSA and a few more we will save for later. We will be sharing only true FAQs on POSGOV which will include state sponsored kidnappings BY DCFS, POLITICAL TARGETING DISCRIMINATION, Prosecutorial misconduct by attorney’s and the DA’s office, state sponsored crimes and drugs trafficking by highest level most powerful respected people in Utah.


What is about to be revealed may shock na├»ve people however for the people who have had the experience of being Targeted this will come to no surprise. I have been targeted for so many years now I wouldn’t know what its like not to be. Having my house burnt down, family destroyed, jailed, prisoned, ran over by a truck to assonate me, stripped from everything multiple times, paralyzed now, under 24/7 digital and physical surveillance, its now just part of life. Since they have already destroyed my life, killed so many innocent people for profit and tortured thousands of lives of children and men it is time this Organized Crime Ring be Exposed.

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